We come to Slay, not to play! Is our motto!

Being a fresh retail company we are building a space for makeup, beauty and fashion lovers to explore and immerse yourself in a world created by you! Our team of Lula Bae's must be fierce, bold and confident within yourself and work ethic. We are a family so we carry that as such! We are here to build and have fun! 

One thing about Lula Kollection is that we are about that makeup life! Our associates pride themselves as hard working, dedicated individuals that break the mold when it comes to beauty and fashion. We would love for you to join our Lula Bae Family! Below are instructions to apply!


Supervisor will oversee retail staff if manager is not present. You will monitor employee activity, coordinating the shipping and receiving of merchandise, solving problems  assisting customers with making purchases. You will be skilled in beauty and fashion and the knowledge you provide will help staff grow. You will have carry out daily tasks assigned, monitor cash flow with our system and will have cashier duties. 

Full- Time Position

Experience is required

College Education preferred 

Lula Hustler 

Our lula hustler is like no other. You will be in charge of beauty and product demonstrations using lula Kollection products. You will be in charge of helping our guests choose their choice of fashion to make sure their needs are met. You will help out with direct marketing, greeting our guests and using sales tactics to assist guests to make their purchases. You will maintain store cleanliness, cashier duties and completing tasks assigned. 

Part-Time Position

Experience entry level -intermediate level 

Beauty Enthusiast

Beauty enthusiast will work with our guests to help them select and purchase the most appropriate product that suits their needs. You will develop and learn sales skills to guide you in assisting our guests in shopping. You will perform makeup applications, skincare analyses, and product demonstrations for our guests. You will perform cashier duties, maintaining overall store cleanliness, and completing tasks as assigned.

Part-Time  Position

Experience Required 

Please fill out all required fields to apply. Please read instructions carefully and goodluck! 

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